“snout to the grindstone” out now!

At long last, The Paraffins’ debut album Snout To The Grindstone is on sale and ready to run amok with your frazzled senses!

It’s available on a shiny black CD with a retina-friendly wraparound sleeve by Gillian Hatcher which you can buy from these places:

Ear Spook shop (mail order- Worldwide) 
Norman Records (England) 
(Germany) and more TBA.


…or you can preview it on Spotify or Last.fm or download it from Amazon, emusic, iTunes, Play.com and everywhere else.

(of course, if you buy the CD you get a download link to a hidden extra track)




What’s been said so far…

“On this first album, anything goes, from bouncing indie tweets to clanking electro-fuelled potential hit records … masquerades as a disco treat but gives a decent bite if you get just a little too close”
….JA, Manchester Music

“not a million miles away from stuff Jeffrey Lewis would make, the key difference being that The Paraffins hold in there that Fujia and Miyagi funk to boot … ‘Walled City’ is one of the most infectious songs I’ve heard in the last month … there isn’t a weak track on this album.”
….James Canham, Ark Magazine

“some rusty steampunk half robot version of Tom Waits”
….Lisa Marie Ferla, Last Year’s Girl

“a wonderful record and very good at inspiring you to start a rebellion at work (even if it’s only a tiny one, and only in your head).”
….Jenny Andreotti, Triumphs and Tragedies

“hypnotic rattling, tribal drumming, high pitched wails and warped growls…. It’ll mess with your mind. A quite remarkable, musical mind f*ck!”
….David, Kowalskiy


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