Armed Response (live 2012)

Armed Response (live 2012)

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released 31/12/12

The Paraffins - Armed Response (front cover)


01  SSB

02  Vampire Hours

03  Johnny

04 Guest Haus

05 Toughest Girl

06 Triple Time

07 Walled City

08  Braving The Winter

09 Forbidden Christmas


All tracks by The Paraffins except:

01 trad/arr: Paraffins
03 Goddard/arr: Paraffins
04 Peel/Baillie/Paraffins
05 Mael/Mael
08 Paraffins/Ina/White
09 Sakamoto/Sylvian

Billy Paraffin – vocals and instruments

Recorded mostly at Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles (19 Oct 2012)
with extra bits from Sandrini’s, Bakersfield (30 Nov 2012)
The Buff Club, Glasgow (27 Jul 2012)
Lass O’ Gowrie, Manchester (21 Jul 2012)

© 2012 Ear Spook Records


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