My Filthy Valentine

My Filthy Valentine

Filthy Little Angels Records
download compilation
released 2009



1. The Bridge Gang Crush On A Girl
2. Alice GunLove Song (Alice Gun Appears Courtesy of Ambiguous Records)
3. The Little Philistines – Love Explodes
4. The Boyfriends I love you
5. Hillary and the Democrats Distracted in the Bibliotheque
6. The Star Fighter PilotYou’re My Lightbulb (Bayonet Nuptuals Mix)
7. Detox Cute & The Beauty JunkiesJuliet And Romeo
8. Shisho Punk Rawk Boy (Dead Milkmen cover)
9. The New Royal FamilyThat Girl Has Got It
10. Shock and Awe I’m In Love
11. Later Old School Lover
12. The Housewives Go Slow
13. The ParaffinsBiking Girl (The Four Plugs Cover)
14. Heilige LanceLove In The Asylum
15. Gracie DuVinCould It Be Magic (Barry Manilow Cover)
16. GoopSubmarina
17. HyperbubbleNon Biodegradable Hazardous Waste Disposal (Valentino Mix)


Currently unavailable.


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