The Littlest Album vol 4

The Littlest Album vol 4

Puzzled Aardvark Records
Compilation 7″ vinyl/download
released 10/09/12



1. The Plimptons – Animals 
2. Eddy and the T-Bolts
– A Minute To Win It
3. Colin’s Godson
– Garry Bushell’s Ostentatious Beard
4. Gums!
– A Glasgow Summer
5. Thee Moths
– Happy Divers
6. The Murderburgers
– Valentine’s Day
7. The Owsley Sunshine
– Start The Fans Please
8. Sweeney Straddles The Sun
– Where To Now?
9. The Paraffins
– Backwater
10. How To Swim
– A Condensed History Of Rock (Berkeley’s Folly)
11. Atomgevitter
– 4298 Thrash Attack
12. Pulsar
– Booty Rap Band

Available from Puzzled Aardvark records.





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