The Nub Files vol 1

The Nub Files vol 1

Nub Country Records
download compilation  album
released 06/06/11



1. The Low Countries – Brian Cox’s Locks
2. Joe Ward – Hey Man
3. The Paraffins – Guest Haus
4. The High Ones – Another World
5. The Pocket Gods – Someone Else Is On Our Moon
6. Johnny C Goode & the Bad Review – Lonely Alien
7. Grae J Wall & Adam Thomas – Lost And Lonely Alien Boy
8. The Autumnkind – Brief Interruption
9. Nelson Donovan – The Crop Circle Bandit
10. The Pocket Gods – I Saw The Holy Grail In The Middle Of The Daily Mail 
11. Joon – ET Says Be Good
12. Benjamin Macnair – Deep Space
13. The Pocket Gods – Trailer Park On Mars
14. Eddie’s Brother – The Men With No Knees
15. Billy Kelly – Cackin Yer Wack


Available from Amazon.


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