Subhuman… album Nov 2013 (click links for reviews)

Jennifer McGillan,  Now This Sound Is Brave
Lorraine Dimmock,  Rave Child


Snout To The Grindstone… album Sep 2010 (click links for reviews)

Sean Welsh, The List
Nina Glencross, Is This Music?
Euan Wallace, The 405
Jenny Andreotti, Triumphs And Tragedies
James Canham, Ark Magazine
Lisa Marie Ferla, Last Year’s Girl
JA, Manchester Music

Jorge Núñez Peco, The Janglebox

Something Good… single Feb 2010 (click links for reviews)

Euan Wallace, Is This Music?
Jim Connick, Ayetunes

Cardboard Cutout… single Feb 2009 (click links for reviews)

Brett, Norman Records
Shane Blanchard,  Tasty Fanzine
Milton Trebuchet, Manchester Music

Live Reviews

Jennifer Sinclair, Bonjour Jef @ STTG launch, Glasgow 18/09/10
Cath Aubergine, Music Dash @ Underachievers, Manchester 28/08/10
Handsome Bluesbunny, Bluesbunny @ Pivo Pivo, Glasgow26/04/10
Willie Bolland, Kilmarnock Standard @ Dirty Martinis, Kilmarnock 03/05/09
Paul Carrera, Oxford Nightshift @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 08/02/09


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