Cardboard Cutout

“You know, all I ever hear is ‘Macs won’t play 3″ CDs!’. Serves you right for buying a fashion accessory rather than a computer, doesn’t it really? I jest, I jest! The Mac vs. PC shit got boring before I was even born and those bloody Mitchell and Webb adverts were a genuine crime against sane humanity. Anyway, The Paraffins have gotten around this little 3″ problem by offering a URL inside the case so you can go and download the audio and video (one’s included for each track) with no bother whatsoever. What nice people! The couple of tunes are fine examples of oddball, lo-fi keyboard indie and the whole package is bound to remind you of the WeePOP! releases so imagine that sort of thing but a fair bit ballsier and you’re pretty much there. ‘Cardboard Cut Out’ is on Topplers Lite.” Brett, Norman Records



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