Snout To The Grindstone

“Ayrshire’s Billy Paraffin is the brains behind the acoustic casio-powered junk pop of The Paraffins. On this first album, anything goes, from bouncing indie tweets to clanking electro-fuelled potential hit records. “Couch Crasher” blips around for fun, but “Walled Cry” is filled with undemanding, almost incognito, hooklines and moody spine tingling noises, that masquerade as disco treats but give a decent bite if you get just a little too close. Like a lot of home grown material that’s coming through the non-signed route, the song writing and delivery of music from bands like The Paraffins are a realistic and more authentic challenge to the label based guff we read about on advertised pages. There are eleven tracks here and whilst “People Like You” is less palatable but none the less interesting, every lo-fi electro-acoustic second of the new age ballad of “Biking Girl” is worth the wait, as is the adventurous “Braving The Winter”, which melts away to close the album.” JA, Manchester Music



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