Snout To The Grindstone launch party, Glasgow 18/09/10

“Winter caught me by surprise. I remember the exact moment I realised it was winter; last Saturday whilst watching The Paraffins, Annie Accidental and Circle of Fathers down at the Clydeside for the Paraffins album launch.

It was a lovely day and, aside from Glasgow trying to drown out the sound; with separate incidents involving a street cleaner and a helicopter, which – true to professional form – Annie managed to almost completely ignore and sing through. The Paraffins new album, Snout to the Grindstone, is available now. Billy provided plenty of musical entertainment and some great street-feel photographs. It was a good day for ghetto-blasting tunes and the one-off performance, Circle of Fathers (courtesy of Lachlann from Yoko, Oh No! and Gay Against You) was very enjoyable. I love Annie, of course; I’ve never known a girl whose lyrics I can relate so much to my own life. I particularly loved S.A.D. and No Protection, both of which are available to stream from her myspace.”  Jennifer Sinclair, Bonjour Jef



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