Snout To The Grindstone

“Technically speaking, as this cracking, crazy album isn’t released until Monday, this review isn’t belated. But given the time it’s taken me to write about it, it feels that way. The Paraffins (or Billy) hail from the ‘remote Scottish outpost of Knockentiber’, and Snout To The Grindstone is the first in what will hopefully be many albums. Opener Untitleable  is a taster of what the album has in store: hypnotic rattling, tribal drumming, high pitched wails and warped growls…. all in just over a minute! The rest is a bit more structured, with layer upon layer of sounds (conventional or otherwise), built up like Talking Heads going off theirs! Standout tracks are Something Good and the frantic People Like You  which invites comparisons with Punch & the Apostles. To be honest though, the cover art sums the album up better than I can. It’ll mess with your mind. A quite remarkable, musical mind f**ck!” David, Kowalskiy



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